About Kenyatta

Kenyatta D. Berry is a Professional Genealogist, Entrepreneur and Attorney with over 20 years of experience in genealogical research and writing. She began her genealogical journey whilst in law school studying at the State Library of Michigan in Lansing. A native of Detroit, Berry graduated from Bates Academy, Cass Technical High School, Michigan State University and Thomas M. Cooley Law School. She has deep roots in Detroit, the city her ancestors have lived since the 1920’s.

A frequent lecturer, writer and television personality, Berry focuses on African American Genealogy, Slave Ancestral Research and DNA. Those being her areas of expertise, Kenyatta is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Genealogy as a whole and is working diligently to bridge the gap between Genealogists and Historians, a merging of professions Berry deems necessary.

She has been featured in Black Enterprise, Real Simple, Jet, Wall Street Journal, Orange County Register, The Sacramento Bee, and Wave Newspaper along with other notable publications. She has been a guest on numerous radio programs including #WomensWednesday, Make it Plain and Extreme Genes on SiriusXM Radio. Berry, a host on Genealogy Roadshow (PBS), has been featured on several morning news shows in various markets and made a splash with her appearance on The Real (FOX), where she revealed the DNA results of the Hosts. Her most recent appearance on For Peete’s Sake (OWN) is generating buzz surrounding her expertise in the field of Genealogy.

On March 11, 2016, Berry received a California Legislature Assemblyman Resolution from the Honorable Jim Cooper on the floor of the State Capitol where he declared March 11th, Kenyatta D. Berry day. The Resolution recognized her work in genealogical research. March 12, 2016, Berry also received a Resolution from the City of Sacramento recognizing her work in Slave Ancestral Research.

As the demand grows for people to learn more about their lineage and DNA, Berry remains deeply engrossed in her pursuit of knowledge and uses it to continually educate and inform. With her first book newly completed, due to be released as early as next spring, Kenyatta may soon find herself connecting more dots than ever.

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