Host, PBS’s Genealogy Roadshow

Part detective story, part emotional journey, GENEALOGY ROADSHOW combines history and science to uncover fascinating stories of diverse Americans in Albuquerque, Boston, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami and Providence. Each individual’s story links to a larger community (and in some cases, national) history, to become part of America’s rich cultural tapestry.

Kenyatta on Genealogy Roadshow

Season 3, Episode 1

Legend of Pancho Villa

Pancho Villa was a Mexican revolutionary whose Robin Hood status made him somewhat of a folk hero.

Season 2, Episode 7

Best of Genealogy Roadshow

Enjoy the most intriguing stories selected from both seasons of the series.

Season 1, Episode 2


Genealogy Roadshow connects Detroit citizens to world events with ancestral findings at the Daley Rhea Mansion in “Motor City.”

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