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Kenyatta on Fox’s The Real

On February 22nd, Kenyatta revealed the results of DNA tests for the hosts of the The Real on Fox.

Kenyatta on Genealogy Live Talk Show

Kenyatta joins Blog Talk Radio host Berniece Bennett to discuss her Slave Ancestral Research work with Universities Studying Slavery.

Kenyatta at RootsTech 2017

Kenyatta chats with Anita Henderson, founder of The Genealogist’s Writing Room.

Kenyatta discusses DNA as a game changer in African American genealogy.

Kenyatta shares her love of Genealogy with Berniece Bennett.

Kenyatta Delivers General Session Keynote at  RootsTech 2017

Kenyatta delivered the keynote for RootsTech 2017 African Heritage Panel.

Kenyatta Berry Day

On March 11, 2016, Kenyatta received a California Legislature Assemblyman Resolution from the Honorable Jim Cooper on the floor of the State Capitol where he declared March 11th, Kenyatta D. Berry day in recognition of her work in the Genealogy industry!

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